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Red Ribbon club

The words HIV/AIDs create a tremor in all. It resounds fear and terror in the mind & body of every individual all over the world. To drive away from this fear is a challenge for the Society. It’s become a greater task for the most vulnerable group i.e. youth unaware of the lethal attacks of HIV/AIDs. Thus, the role of Youth of Red Cross & Red Ribbon club is very vital to flight against the deadly disease. Therefore, youth Red Cross in collaboration with Orissa State AIDS Control Society includes the
“driving out campaign” of HIV/AIDs. The mission started by OSACS through Red Cross and provide a sum of Rs. 25.60 lakhs (rupees Twenty Five lakh Sixty thousand) only as a token amount to create awareness among the youth of the colleges and their locality as to how to protect and prevent HIV/AIDs during the financial year 2014-15.

This collaboration has moved forward with its missions & principle and implements various activities related to HIV/AIDs like Blood Grouping, Voluntary Blood Donation, awareness generating programmes on HIV/AIDs, Essay, Debate, Rally & observance of many events/ occasions.

The Red Ribbon Clubs have undertaken various activities & programmes to generate awareness against HIV/AIDs. The following are the brief activity reports about the activities conducted by different Red Ribbon Clubs during the current financial year.

· Voluntary Blood donation Camps were organized by the Red Ribbon Clubs & Youth Red Cross Odisha

· Blood groups of students were determined, in colleges.

· YRC/ RRC organized health check-up camps at institution level.

· Some Red Ribbon clubs organized health education and awareness programmes.

· Red Ribbon club Organized Rally/ cycle Rally etc. to create awareness on Health care, blood donation, Immunisation, HIV/AIDs awareness.

· Red Ribbon Clubs observed worlds AIDs days on 1st December in their colleges.

· Distributed leaflets among the student and general public, regarding public of awareness of HIV/AIDs.

· Street plays were enacted & door to door campaign was initiated to create awareness in the regional dialects.

· Various competitions like debate, essay, quiz, painting, theme based street play etc. were organized to create awareness among the college students.

· Some Red Ribbon club organized different types of programmes on health care & sanitation.

· The volunteers of different colleges/ RRCs participated in the mass rally & state level observance of World AIDS Day organized by OSACS & Govt. of Odisha.

Status of Red Ribbon Club since 2007 formed by YRC

Total Number of Red Ribbon Club formed by the year end
2007-08 295
2008-09 295
2009-10 400
2010-11 638
2011-12 634
2012-13 640
2013-14 704
2014-15 704