About Us

Youth Red Cross Odisha is the young and vibrant wing of Indian Red Cross Society-Odisha State Branch(IRCS-OSB) functioning in all Colleges and universities. To ignite within the Youth the indomitable will to serve the society, Youth Red Cross, Odisha was formed in the year 1993.

Youth Red Cross, Odisha has the objective to train the Zealous Youth with the fundamental principles of Red Cross so that they may remain unperturbed and develop in them the spirit of selfless service & Volunteerism to serve the most Vulnerable people, globally and locally and it carries out its social commitment and responsibility under the frame of Seven fundamental principles of Red Cross such as Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity, Universality.

There are nearly more than 6 lakhs volunteers in more than 2000 CollegesĀ and 2000 trained Counsellors under the Youth Red Cross unit in Odisha.

The aims of Youth Red Cross are:

i. Promotion of health & hygiene.

ii. Service to others.

iii. World friendliness.


Membership Enrolment Status in YRC

Year Students Enroll YRC Group formed
2007-08 362528 477
2008-09 312761 357
2009-10 329449 397
2010-11 461574 473
2011-12 595778 592
2012-13 450203 533
2013-14 558133 530
2014-15 588182 430