The objectives of Youth Red Cross (Odisha) is to train the “Zealous” Youth, in the Fundamental Principles of Red Cross, so that they remain “imperturbable, unwearying, unfaltering” & develop in them the elements of “quiet self-sacrifice” when disasters strike humanity. Keeping this in view the Youth Red Cross endeavours as follows for:


  1. Promotion of potentialities of the Youth to enable them to render skilled philanthropic service toned up by a sense of self-sacrifice, for the mitigation of suffering of the needy and the distressed;
  2. Promotion of health, hygiene and sanitation and cognate subjects among the members of the community for prevention of diseases and mitigation of suffering;
  3. Promotion of motivation among the youth for fostering friendship and fraternity(the spirit of “Tutti-Fratelli”) at the National and international level;
  4. Promotion of qualities of leadership and traits of personality among the youth;
  5. Promotion of sprit of self-reliance and dignity of labour among the youth;
  6. Promotion of training in various skills to render qualified service to the needy;
  7. Promotion of factors which may contribute to the establishment of peace at the national and international level;